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US Congressman: China’s Worsening Human Rights Record Harms Its World Standing

February 26, 2016 8:06 PM Yang Chen Repu

Naming China’s Dead End

Honoring dissident Liu Xiaobo. 2:45 AM,

Dianne Feinstein Loses Bid to Stop Cruz-Sponsored Move to Honor Chinese Dissident

by SPYRIDON MITSOTAKIS17 Feb 201657 Comm

China urges veto over naming US plaza after Liu Xiaobo

17 February 2016 Pro-democracy demonstra

Obama Snubs Fellow Nobel Winner

Rejects naming street after Liu Xiaobo.

The Duty to Defend Universally-Recognized Human Rights

The Duty to Defend Universally-Recognize

Obama to veto bill to rename Washington plaza after jailed China dissident

A protester holds a candle next to a por

China warns U.S. of ‘serious consequences’ over Washington plaza name

Reuters Staff BEIJING (Reuters) –

State Department Plays Down Bid to Honor Chinese Dissident

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